Purchasing a Historic Home

Denver has a plethora of historic homes and designated historic neighborhoods that allow for the opportunity to own a piece of history, and they are scattered throughout the city. While some architectural styles are classic Denver such as the Foursquare/Denver Square, most styles were pulled from a variety of styles such as the Queen Anne, MidCentury Modern and Art Deco just to name a few.

Historic homes offer the charm of owning a piece of history but a historic home or a home in a historic neighborhood is not for everyone. Consider the pros and cons and decide if it is the right choice for you.

Historic Home Designation:

The City of Denver applies 3 criteria for Landmark Designation. 1) property must maintain historic and physical integrity 2) property must meet a designation criteria in at least 2 of the following categories (history, geography, architecture) 3) property must relate to a historic context or theme.


  • Historic homes hold value and appreciate more quickly

  • Possibility of being eligible for tax credits

  • No restrictions exist for what the homeowner may choose to do on the inside of the house


  • Have to go through the Landmark Design Review(City Office) to make changes to exterior

  • Maintenance costs can be higher due to specific materials and labor costs for renovations

  • Homeowner may be limited in design options such as constructing an addition or a garage