Flat Pack Furniture...more than just IKEA!

Bored of IKEA? Flat pack options that are cool and affordable do exist.

Let’s face it. IKEA makes shopping fun and they are the king of flatpack furniture, but these days other options exist that offer exciting, fun, and stylish designs.

Affordable flatpack furniture is the way to go for two reasons. One, we are a society that likes to move. On average people change homes every seven years--more often in rental situations--and flatpack makes it easy to move around your furniture. Two, if you want to leave it behind or sell it, there is less guilt as the cost is minimal.

Here are some alternatives to IKEA that offer flat pack furniture:

Hem/Swedish based. Hem offers a compromise between IKEA prices and more pricey high design. Sleek Scandanavian design and many items can be customized online.

2. Tylko/ A Polish company. Tylko is storage forward. Options are shelving and tables and a multitude of options exist. You have a hand in the design process and can use your phone camera to test out the design in each room.

3. Floyd/US-Detroit based. Floyd offers one design of sofa that that where you pick out the swatch, one style of platform bed and a variety of tables, lighting and even hardware to adapt items into furniture. They started as a hardware company and have a nice selection of handsome hardware.

4. Inside Weather/US-San Francisco based. Inside Weather launched in late 2018 and focus on bespoke design in a budget. Every table and piece of furntiure sold comes with options to change legs, graphics, color etc. Thousands of options exist so your piece of furniture is unique yet affordable. Sleek with a Scandavian design sense.

5. Campaign/US-Bay area based. Campaign sells cozy, well built stylish furniture. Like the other flatpack companies you have the options to pick your colors and adapt a couch to your space. The furniture is designed to be easily packed and repacked into the same box for your next move.